About Asvmandir school

ASVM Believes that every child matters and that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging. The school adopts the mainstream learning systems as specified by “Karnataka Secondary Board Education” at the state working together for the children success while shaping the destiny for every child to produce strong and confident personalities.

The Kinder Garten: Nursery, Lower Kinder Garden, Upper Kinder garden.

Elementary School: grade i- Viii



Learning is a treasure that willfollow its owner ever where


ASVM Believes that every child matters & that learning should be fun, purposeful & challenging.


A friendly & Learning environment for children to thrive in

Why Choose Us?


✔ Child Friendly classrooms

✔ Well trained & dedicated staff

✔ Multimedia Classroom

✔ Adequate Library

✔ Campus under CCTV

✔ Transport facilitated with GPS

Key features of Akshara Siri Vidya Mandir

The 21st century world requires individuals to possess multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities. This necessitates the provision of diverse learning opportunities to students during all stages of their schooling. We provide our future leaders with a conductive atmosphere where the mind is fertile and a seed is sown for a tree of knowledge to flourish.

Smart class

At ASVM, we use technology to engage our students. Students are given on experimental learning experience of concepts with the help of interactive smart classes. We partner with the Teach next, the content of the curriculum is in detail and systematically arranged. This makes learning quite interesting.

Computer Lab

we have a well-equipped computer lab which can have 25 children at a time. We have the latest software on the computer. The lab is used by students for their practical work as well as their project work.

Active on Facebook

Constant and instant updates of the latest happenings of the school to parents are made available through these social sites.

Parent Portal

A Comprehensive School Management System is being implemented. This will not only enhance school – parent communication, but also as a channel through which parents can access their child’s details like attendance, assessment or applying for leave. Information on the school calendar, attendance, health card, report card is sent through this procedure. This can be accessed any time during the day through Mobile, PC, Laptop etc.

SMS Alerts

ASVM uses SMS alerts at times as an channel of communication in order to quickly convey notifications, announcements, the latest changes and events at school.

A brain development course

The Matrix abacus programme helps children to enjoy numbers, develop their mental skills of concentration, visual memory, listening & builds their self confidence. The abacus programme incorporates a lot of fun through games & puzzles.